The Top 5 Trolling Motors For Bass Fishing

So, your old trolling motor has finally bitten the dust. No amount of repairs can bring back the tried and trusted trolling motor you had.

So, now you must brave the internet and find a new one that will work even better than your old one. But, there are so many trolling motors out there that you can use for bass fishing.

The Top 5 Trolling Motors For Bass Fishing

How do you navigate through the plethora of products on the market while simultaneously avoiding the motors that are…not as good as the others. 

The answer? Our article of course! In our article, we have selected the top five trolling motors for bass fishing on the market.

So that you do not have to wade through the less than desirable products out there.

On top of that, we have a buyer’s guide and an FAQ further down the page so that you can educate yourself on everything you need to know about trolling motors. 

Excited? Well, let’s get started!

Minn Kota Store – Freshwater Mounted Trolling Motor

If you are looking for a well-round trolling motor that is reasonably priced and has all the bells and whistles then this is the perfect product for you.

It has a lever lock bracket which acts as a quick-release lever lock that resists flexing, warping, and UV damage you might experience out on the water.

This motor is unique because it has a five speed setting, so you can go at any speed that suits you.

To top it off, this trolling motor is super quiet even when you use it at top speed! So you can enjoy the wonders of nature while still moving at a decent speed.

Best of all, the quiet motor will not scare those bass off. This motor also has a telescoping tiller which you can use to easily and comfortably operate your freshwater mounted trolling motor.

The cherry on the cake, this motor comes with a two-year warranty so you can rest assured that your motor will be replaceable or repaired should damage occur under the rules of your warranty. 

We really liked this motor. It was super easy to install and worked like a charm. Our favorite feature had to be the silent motor.

There is nothing more annoying than an annoyingly loud motor when you are trying to catch fish out on the water.

Overall, this product was really with the time and money and works very efficiently.

We highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a reasonably priced trolling motor that works well and operates quite silently. 


  • Lever Lock Bracket – This component will help lift and rotate the motor’s directional indicator 180 degrees which helps you to start back trolling almost immediately.
  • Warranty – This product comes with a two-year warranty. So if you experience an issue with your motor during that time the manufacturer should repair or replace your motor. 
  • Quiet – Most customers report that this motor is silent even when being used at top speed. So, you can enjoy the sounds of nature as opposed to a loud, roaring motor. 
  • Speed Settings – This product has five speeds settings so you can go at various speeds without any trouble at all. 


  • Inverted Controls – Some customers found that their controls were inverted. So forwards was backward and backward was forwards. So make sure to check that everything is correct with your trolling motor. 
  • Questionable Durability – Some customers reported that their motors broke after only a few months. Whether this is due to frequent use or the internal components is uncertain.
  • Size – This motor is quite small and this may not suit some people as the motor is not especially powerful. 

If you like this product but would prefer to purchase it on an alternate website make sure to check it out at Walmart’s Online Store.

Watersnake Store – Shadow Bow Mount Trolling Motor

If you are looking for a trolling motor that is worth its salt then you certainly need to consider the shadow bow mount trolling motor.

Before you purchase you will have the option to pick between three thrust options so you can have a motor that will suit your exact needs.

On top of that this trolling motor has a weedless design so it will effortlessly slice through tough weeds and grasses under the water without getting stuck or losing too much speed.

In addition to that, it has corrosion-free components made from stainless steel which will hinder if not stop corrosion from happening even after much use.

This trolling motor has variable speeds which you can control by way of a foot pedal, so you can easily control your motor with little trouble.

Overall, this product worked perfectly and we really have very little to complain about.

The main issue we had was buttons that were sticking, but after using the motor for a while this issue dissipated almost completely. Other than that, this is an absolutely amazing motor.

It has great options you can use to tailor your motor to your needs. On top of that, we found this particular motor super easy to use.

In general, this is a fantastic trolling motor and one that we highly recommend to anyone that is interested in purchasing a product that is reasonably priced and well-made. 


  • Thrust Options – This product has three thrust options so you can pick what power you need for your fishing trip or leisure trip. 
  • Weedless Design – This product has a weedless design which means that it is designed to chew through even the toughest underwater grasses and weeds without losing too much speed. 
  • Corrosion Free – This product is treated with stainless steel components and shafts that flex on impact to help stop corrosion from occurring. 
  • Variable Speeds – This product is controlled by a foot pedal which allows you to change the speed you are going at with the simple tap of your foot. 


  • Warranty – This product does not mention a warranty. So, if your trolling motor malfunctions or breaks you will need to pay for it all on your own. 
  • Padlocking – Some customers found that even when this product was padlocked the motor span which caused wires to get wrapped up on the motor. 
  • Sticking Buttons – Some customers found that the buttons and pedals would stick when they tried to use them. 

If you like this product but would prefer to purchase it on an alternate website make sure to check it out at Walmart’s Online Store.

Watersnake Store – Electric Saltwater Trolling Motor

Another great option for a trolling motor is the electric saltwater trolling motor by Watersnake.

It is a versatile product that can be attached to a variety of boat types. So you can make use of this motor whether you have a kayak, inflatable boat, dinghies, or canoes.

On top of that this trolling motor has significant power so you can enjoy cruising through the water with ease.

If you are bothered by the color of your motor this product has a black and white option so you can pick one that works well for you.

Watersnake motors are designed to have adjustable mount fittings so you can easily get them onto almost any boat using the anti-impact clip system.

This sturdy but simple telling motor is one of the best out there and is sure to impress you should you decide to purchase this product. 

We really enjoyed using this product, it is super easy to attach to your boat and once it is on it works like a dream.

While it does not come with a battery the overall price of the motor itself is reasonable. So, getting both is not too pricey, at least at the time of writing.

The lack of warranty is a bit of a bummer but if you look after your trolling motor you should be alright.

In general, this is a very impressive product and one that we highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a trolling motor that is well suited to saltwater. 


  • Thrust Options – This product has two thrust options so you can pick a trolling engine with the power that you need.
  • Versatility – This product is versatile and can be used on a ton of different types of boats like kayaks, dinghies, inflatable boats, and canoes. 
  • Power – Customers found that this motor had significant power when they used it which made cutting through the water easier. 
  • Easy to Use – This motor was easy to install and use which made it an absolute delight to work with. 


  • Battery Not Included – If you like this product you will need to purchase a battery separately as it is not sold with this product. 
  • Warranty – This product does not come with a warranty So if it gets damaged you will have to pay for repairs yourself or get a whole new trolling motor. 
  • Brackets – Some customers found that the brackets on this product were strangely designed and needed to customize it in order to get it working properly.

If you like this product but would prefer to purchase it on an alternate website make sure to check it out at Walmart’s Online Store.

Lowrance Store – Ghost-Freshwater Trolling Motor

While this product is probably the most pricey on this list it is well worth the money.

It comes from a well-known and established brand and has a ton of great features that really make it stand out in a crowd.

For example, this product has a lifetime warranty for the shaft and a three-year warranty for the overall trolling motor.

In addition to this, the ghost-freshwater trolling motor also operates silently so you do not have to worry about scaring the fish away with an obnoxiously loud motor.

This product also has a sonar which can just be plugged in and used without much preparation.

The mount for this motor has a 360-degree breakaway which is designed to absorb impact which then allows the shaft to deflect away from any obstructions in its path while still being able to reposition itself after the impact has occurred. 

Overall, this is probably one of our favorite products. While the price is nothing to sneeze at, it is really a good quality motor that is sure to last you a lifetime with little issue.

We particularly love that it operates silently and has a lifetime warranty on the shaft.

The additional features like the breakaway mount really goes to show that the brand knows what it is talking about and it is reliable.

We recommend this product or anyone that has a higher budget and wants a good quality trolling motor that will surely impress. 


  • Quiet – The engine on this trolling motor runs ultra-quiet so you can enjoy nature around you when you use it instead of scaring all the animals away with the sound of an engine. 
  • Warranty – This product comes with a three-year warranty on everything and a lifetime warranty on the shaft part of this trolling motor. 
  • Mount – This product has a 360-degree breakaway mount which is designed to absorb impact and by extension this allows the shaft to deflect away from obstructions while repositioning itself after any impact that has occurred. 
  • Reliable – This product is super reliable, with years of experience making trolling motors this brand is well versed in making only the best and most effective products. 


  • Pricey – This product is not ideal for someone that is on a tight budget as at the time of writing it was almost bordering on being extortionately expensive.

If you like this product but would prefer to purchase it on an alternate website make sure to check it out at Lowrance’s Store.

Newport Vessels Store – Kayak Series Trolling Motor

The Newport Vessels trolling motor is one of the best out there and with a slew of fantastic features who can disagree.

It is highly durable as it is made from top-of-the-line materials that are certain to make this product last.

In addition to that, it has extra-long cables so you can have more freedom when it comes to placing your motor on your boat.

The warranty only covers two years but if you are unhappy with your product or it breaks in a manner that is covered in the company’s warranty you can have it replaced or repaired. 

We really loved this product, the ability to pick the power of thrust you want really means a lot as we were able to get a motor that suited our needs to the letter.

On top of that, the product itself worked really well and just as the manufacturer advertised.

When we were researching this product we came across some customer reviews talking about their being steering issues and signs of rust in their trolling motor, we did not experience any of these issues at all.

Overall, this is a fantastic trolling motor and one that we highly recommend if you are looking for a product that is a reasonable price and will work well for the price margin. 


  • Thrust Options – If you purchase this trolling motor you can pick between two thrust options so you can get a motor that suits your exact needs!
  • Warranty – This product comes with a two-year warranty. So if you experience issues with your trolling motor you can contact the company and have it repaired or replaced.
  • Extra Long Cables – This product comes with extra-long cables so you can have maximum versatility when you are trying to achieve the perfect weight distribution in your placement of the motor. 
  • Durable – This product is made from high-quality materials so you can rest assured that it will stand up to the rigors of daily or frequent use for a lifetime!


  • Inflatable Kayak – Some customers found that the propeller did not sit far back enough to be used with inflatable kayaks and this resulted in the propeller hitting the bottom of the kayak when turned on. 
  • Steering – Some customers found that this motor was quite hard to steer straight. This may be because they were not used to how it worked. 
  • Rust and Corrosion – While this was not the case for all customers by any scratch, some found that their motor arrived with rust and corrosion to the engine and other metal parts. 

If you like this product but would prefer to purchase it on an alternate website make sure to check it out at Newport Vessels’ Store.

Buyers Guide 

In this section, we are going to go over some of the more important features that you need to look out for and consider when you are considering purchasing a new trolling motor for bass fishing.

So, without further ado, let us get started, there is a lot to consider after all. 

Consider The Shaft Length

When you are considering which trolling motor to purchase it will be important to consider the shaft length. This is because it can impact how your motor works.

The shaft will ensure that the motor’s propeller is properly submerged and if your shaft is not long enough obviously the propeller will not be submerged properly and your motor will be severely limited if not unusable with your boat.

So, make sure that you have an idea of how long you need your shaft to be before you purchase your trolling motor. 

Consider The Prop Style

Usually, the style of prop you get with your motor is a standard-issue, and typically manufacturers do not give you a lot of options in the department.

As such most people are not going to be particularly aware of these features and why it is important. But the style and shape of propeller blades are essential.

Usually, you will see that motors have two or three blades and you might think nothing of this fact. But there is actually quite a big difference between them.

For example, a two-propeller motor will not have a fantastic forward thrust but they are usually less draining on the battery life of your motor. 

More often than not, larger trolling motors will have more propeller blades and by extension these motors will have more thrust. This means that your boat will move more easily.

Consider Your Max Thrust

Bigger is not always better when it comes to trolling motors.

You would be better suited to picking a motor that has the correct thrust metrics for your boat and a motor that fits on your boat and suits the type of fish you are aiming to catch.

With this in mind, it is sometimes better to get a motor that has a higher thrust than you want as this means you can take multiple passengers with you on your boat much more easily.

So, when you are shopping for your trolling motor make sure that you consider what you need the motor for and how many people you want to take out at any one time. 

Consider Speed Control

Speed control is essential. You can have a variety of settings or deal with just one speed. Obviously, it is better to be dealing with various speeds instead of one.

So, when you are considering your trolling motor make sure to check out how you will be controlling the speed. For example, you may use a pedal or a button.

There is no right or wrong answer but it is important that you understand how you control the speed of your motor and how many levels you will have. 

Consider The Technology

Technology plays a huge role in our lives and it is ever moving forward. Because of this, even in the world of trolling motors, there is a lot to keep up with.

For example, there are now I-Pilot links that are linked to GPS and locks onto fishing spots in your area. It also shows you paths that you can retrace.

This type of technology can mean that you have things like an autopilot or even digital maximizers.

Both of which are things that you need to be aware of when you are considering which trolling motor to buy. 

So, make sure that you carefully read all the features and have an understanding of the technology that could be integrated into the newest models of trolling motors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we are going to answer several of your most frequently asked questions so that you can better understand the more ‘mysterious’ parts of trolling motors for bass fishing.

So, without further ado, let us get started and answer the first question!

How Fast Will A Fifty-Five Pound Trolling Motor Go?

If you are using it in perfect conditions and you are using the best fuel out there you could get your fifty-five-pound motor going at a maximum speed of about five miles per hour.

This might mean that you would have to wait for the deep cycle battery to charge and completely deplete. 

Is A Trolling Motor Worth it?

We would highly recommend using a trolling motor if you are going bass fishing. They offer you a range of enhanced maneuverability and the ability to fish throughout the day.

They are an almost essential tool that can really help you maneuver your boat, especially if you do not want to start a more noisy boat engine that will almost certainly scare the fish away. 

Can You Dry Run A Trolling Motor?

It is not recommended to do this for long periods of time. Trolling motors are cooled by the water they sit in and while you could run it dry it would take an age to deplete the battery.

On top of that by running it fry with no load you are risking damage to your very expensive piece of equipment. So, we recommend that you do not do this if you can help it. 

Can A Trolling Motor Push A Jon Boat?

Yes, this is entirely within the power of a trolling motor. However, it is recommended that you do this when you are pushing the Jon boat upstream.

Your trolling motor may struggle if the Jon boat is heavy and if there is a current or headwind. So, the answer may vary depending on the situation and setting you are in. 

Do Trolling Motors Need Oil?

Yes, it is essential in the care of your trolling motor to lubricate the motor shaft. You can easily do this once you have cleaned your motor with water and mild soap. 

What Kind Of Battery Do Trolling Motors Need?

Typically, trolling motors will need a twelve-volt battery with a minimum of a  one hundred and ten amp hour rating.

This is typically known as a group twenty-seven sized battery. Basically, the higher the amp rating the more charge your battery will have and the longer it will last. 

How Often Should You Charge Your Trolling Motor Battery?

If batteries are left with less than twelve and a half volts they may be prone to the formation of lead sulfate inside the battery cells.

This can hugely impact the lifespan and performance of the batteries.

It is a good idea to use a tricky charger when you are in the offseason so that there is always power flowing through the battery.

Alternatively, you can recharge your battery every month if you do not have a tricky charger. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about these amazing trolling motors and why they are our top five products on the market.

The information we have provided in our Buyer’s guide and Frequently Asked Questions section should really help you out when you are trying to gauge which trolling motor best suits you and your needs. 

For now, though, we wish you success in finding your perfect trolling motor and we hope that you have a fantastic day.

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