How Many Fishing Rods Per Person? Common Fishing Regulations Simplified

With your fishing licenses in hand, you might ask, “How many fishing rods per person is allowed?

Like many other forms of managing wildlife, there are specific regulations you will have to follow during your fishing trips on public waters.

Interestingly, regulations vary by state, which is important to note before heading out on the water.

This guide will go over the most common fishing regulations per state to help you prepare for the best possible fishing experience on public waters.

From knowing how many fishing rods to bring to what type of fish to avoid with your fishing poles, there are a few key things to know.

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    How Many Fishing Rods Per Person? Rod Limitations By State

    Firstly, let’s go over the total number of rods you can bring when going after different fish species.

    • Alabama – Weiss and Neely Henry lakes have a limit of three rods, while the rest of Alabama has no rod limits.
    • Alaska – Anglers can bring up to three rods while ice fishing and one rod when reel fishing in Alaska.
    • Arizona – Only one rod; fishing with two rods is illegal.
    • Arkansas – Only one rod; fishing with two rods is illegal.
    • California – If you get a second-rod validation, you can fish with two rods.
    • Colorado – With an extra rod stamp, you can fish with two rods.
    • Connecticut – Anglers can use up to three rods when fishing.
    • Delaware – You can fish with two rods.
    • Florida – Anglers can use an unlimited number of fishing rods.
    • Georgia – You can use only one fishing rod.
    • Hawaii – Anglers can use two rods throughout most of Hawaii, barring restrictions. Always check for the specific area you’ll be visiting.
    • Idaho – With a two-pole permit, you can fish with two rods.
    • Illinois – Anglers can use two rods while fishing.
    • Indiana – There isn’t a specific rod limit when fishing.
    • Iowa – Anglers can use two rods.
    • Kansas – Two rods are allowed while fishing.
    • Kentucky – There aren’t any rod limits when fishing.
    • Louisiana – Anglers can use unlimited rods when fishing in this state.
    • Maine – When ice fishing in Maine, anglers can use up to five rods. In unfrozen creeks, you can fish with two rods.
    • Maryland – Anglers can use up to three rods during fishing season.
    • Massachusetts – Fishing experts can use up to two rods while fishing.
    • Michigan – In most cases, fishing experts can use two rods, but some bodies of water have restrictions.
    • Minnesota – Anglers can use only one rod in water bodies that aren’t frozen.
    • Mississippi – This state has a possession limit of five rods when fishing.
    • Missouri – The possession limit in Missouri is two rods.
    • Montana – Anglers can use up to two rods when fishing in Montana.
    • Nebraska – Two rods are the limit while out on the water.
    • Nevada – The fishing rod limit in this state is two rods per angler.
    • New Hampshire – Anglers can use up to two rods during fishing season.
    • New Jersey – You can use up to three rods when fishing.
    • New Mexico – Two rods is the limit per person when fishing.
    • New York – You can legally fish with two rods in this state.
    • North Carolina – Anglers can use two rods.
    • North Dakota – Two rods is the legal limit for anglers in this state.
    • Ohio – Ohio allows anglers to use two rods.
    • Oklahoma – Two rods is the legal limit for anglers.
    • Oregon – With a two-rod validation, you can fish with up to two rods in Oregon.
    • Pennsylvania – You can fish with up to three rods.
    • Rhode Island – You can use up to two rods.
    • South Carolina – Two rods is the legal limit in this state.
    • South Dakota – You can use up to two rods on unfrozen water bodies or four rods when ice fishing.
    • Tennessee – You can use only one rod when fishing.
    • Texas – You can fish with two rods in this state.
    • Utah – Anglers can use two rods when fishing.
    • Vermont – It is legal to fish with two rods in this state.
    • Virginia – Anglers can use two rods when fishing in Virginia.
    • Washington – Two rods is the limit for fishing in Washington, with some restrictions.
    • West Virginia – Anglers can use up to two rods.
    • Wisconsin – You can use up to two fishing rods in Wisconsin.
    • Wyoming – Anglers can legally use two rods while on Wyoming waters.

    Always check for the most updated information regarding fishing regulations in your area.

    These rules are subject to change over the years, with these regulations being most recently updated in October of 2022.

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    Other Fishing Regulations To Note

    Let’s dive into several other regulations to keep your eyes on for the upcoming spring season.

    Whether going after alligator gar or heading out onto Lake Erie, these restrictions are must-know details for all anglers and hunters.

    Permits and Validation

    Permits and validation are two of the most important things for anglers to remember when getting their equipment ready for fishing.

    With a permit, you will be granted access to public bodies of water to go after different species of fish.

    A valid fishing license is also required, ensuring you’ve been approved to fish and your angling activities can be tracked and monitored.

    As mentioned, these permits are also necessary when it comes to fishing rod allowances.

    Many states require you to purchase additional rod stamps or pass to use more than one rod at a time.

    Fishing Seasons

    Aside from a valid fishing license, another critical thing to remember is that you’re fishing during the right season.

    Fishing seasons change, just like bear hunting seasons and crossbow seasons.

    It’s always important to check your local regulations to ensure you are heading out during the special season to avoid massive fines and penalties.

    Frozen vs. Non-Frozen Water

    Did you know that many states have different regulations when it comes to water type?

    Interestingly, some states allow you to use a certain number of rods when ice fishing versus regular fishing.

    Generally, if a body of water is unfrozen, you will be able to use fewer rods than if frozen.

    Lines and Hooks

    Aside from the number of rods you use, your lines and hooks are important to note when it comes to legal fishing equipment.

    Many states will allow you to use a certain number of rods and a set number of hooks and lines.

    For example, in Ohio, it is illegal for anglers to use bank lines with more than one hook.

    Many states find that using multiple lines on a single rod equates to using multiple rods. As such, double-check the legal fishing equipment requirements for your state.

    Boating Safety

    Whether you’re going after major populations or a nuisance animal, there are many boating safety features and must-know regulations for anglers.

    A few examples of things to consider include the following:

    • Whether you can use an artificial lure
    • Doing research into lake information
    • Following strict rules, like rod rules on all bodies of water
    • Obtaining boat rental slips
    • Renewing your boat registration
    • Ensuring the person on board is licensed

    Important Hunting Regulations

    Along with fishing restrictions, let’s also briefly jump through a couple of important hunting regulations:

    Public Lands

    Like the attractions of fishing, it can be tempting for a successful hunter to go after their prey anywhere.

    That said, there are specific public lands designated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where you can and cannot hunt.

    Whether you are bird watchers looking for migratory birds or youth hunters looking to chase different species, always confirm which public lands are huntable.

    Animal Species

    Like alligator gar fishing, there are regulations regarding the type of animal species you can go after. A few examples include the following:

    • State limit for squirrels
    • The annual bag limit for waterfowl
    • Feral hogs for non-resident hunters
    • Number of bears per person
    • Additional lures to get specific animal species

    The regulations protecting animals have a lot to do with whether they are nuisance animals, if their habitats are feasible, and if there is a threat to public safety.

    You can easily find a list of huntable species across the United States through this link.

    Hunting Safety

    Of course, hunting safety is as important as boater education and getting your boater education card.

    Without following specific safety regulations, you and your party could be putting yourself and others at risk.

    Hunting safety includes everything from a background check to ensuring you are not consuming alcohol or mind-altering substances while carrying a loaded firearm.

    How Many Fishing Rods Can I Bring?

    The answer to “How many fishing rods per person?” depends on your area’s statewide regulations.

    When preparing for the upcoming season, always make sure you take the time to get the proper permits and validations to allow you to fish with as many rods as allowed.

    This knowledge can help you avoid hefty fines and penalties as a licensed angler.

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