Goofish Fishing Rods Review for 2023

It’s tough to choose just one rod out of so many options, especially if you don’t know what to look for yet.

That said, allow us to make your decision-making process easier with this Goofish Fishing Rods review.

Recreational fishing requires certain skills, especially if you want to target specific fish species.

Nevertheless, you can increase your chances of reeling in that huge fish if you have the right equipment.

That is where Goofish comes in.

About Goofish

Goofish is a Japanese company specializing in fishing rods, reels, and fishing accessories.

Established in 2003, it has grown into one of the most trusted names in recreational fishing.

Aside from its innovative and well-crafted products, it is also known for responding quickly to the changing needs of its customers.

The Japanese company has been manufacturing reliable fishing rods and accessories for almost 20 years now, so it just might have exactly what you are looking for.

Here’s a closer look at some of its bestsellers today.

Goofish Fishing Rods Review

1. Goofish Trout Rod 6.0’

Goofish is known for its fine craftsmanship and surprisingly affordable price point, and this trout rod lives up to its reputation.

The light/ultralight jigging rod is one of the brand’s more affordable offerings but is a favorite among bass and trout anglers.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly fishing tool with light and ultralight rod action, try this one.


The Solid Nano Trout Rod 6.0’ comes at an affordable price range, but this is not a reflection of its quality.

Though cheaper than most, it comes with all the features needed to help you catch a bit of fish.

  • Comes With Two Tips

Perhaps the biggest draw of this fishing rod is that it comes with two solid nano blank tips.

The first one is capable of providing light Goofish action, while the other offers ultralight rod action.

So, whatever the activity of fish is, you can count on this rod to perform well. You usually only see this level of flexibility in products with crazy prices.

  • Powerful and Sensitive

Another reason anglers of all levels like this Goofish fishing rod is that it is both powerful and sensitive.

The blanks of the tips are made using solid nano technology, giving them much flexibility and durability.

At the same time, you would be able to feel the fishing line vibrate, which helps ensure unrivaled fish control once it bites.

  • Premium Guide Rings

The guide ring is a relatively small component of the rod, but it plays a very important role when fishing.

Basically, it keeps the fishing line from getting tangled every time you cast your lure or bait.

The good thing about this fishing rod is that it comes with high-grade Fuji guides and rings. They allow you to cast farther and fish deeper without experiencing any issues.


  • Two tips provide the exact action needed
  • Guarantees power and sensitivity
  • Highly durable build
  • Comes with premium guide rings
  • Highly economical fish rod


  • Not ideal for big fish

2. Goofish Bass Master 6’6’’

The Solid Nano Bass Master 6’6’’ is a great choice for either the baitcasting or spinning technique.

It is a lightweight fishing tool that is much more powerful than it looks. So, if you want a fishing rod that looks and feels good in your hands, this rod is for you.


The Bass Master 6’6’’ fishing rod does not come at a low price, but it has several key features that justify its price point.

  • Sensitive and Strong

First off, this Goofish rod is made using the same solid nano technology as that of the previous ultralight rod.

It has a rod blank that is thinner than most other models, making it more sensitive to vibrations and movements.

This feature is very helpful if you like bass fishing since it gives you the correct action for this type of fish.

That said, it is very durable and passes the 10-kilogram fishing weight test with flying colors.

In other words, this powerful reel is also up to the task if you want to fish in deep water to catch the big ones.

  • Choose From Two Action Options

If you plan to buy this fishing rod from Goofish, you need to choose from four rod tip versions.

The first decision you have to make is whether to get the one for medium action or for medium-heavy action.

Your choice would depend on the type of fish you want to go after.

Aside from this, you also have to choose between the spinning and casting techniques. All options feature a one-piece design.

  • Chameleon Coating

Another feature you might like about this rod is that it uses a unique coating. It changes the color of the rod depending on the amount and angle of light that hits it.

It is very beautiful to look at and makes for a good conversation piece while fishing.


  • Powerful and sensitive
  • Available in four different versions
  • Has great aesthetics
  • Strong enough for large fish


  • A bit expensive

3. Goofish Slow Jigging 6’6’’ Mighty

The Slow Jigging 6’6’’ Mighty is a versatile fishing tool and a must-have for any angler.

Whether you want to use the spinning, casting, or jigging technique, this Goofish fishing rod has got you covered.

It is a bit more expensive than some other brands, but it offers much value for your money.


If you are looking for a slow-pitch jigging rod, we highly recommend the Slow Jigging 6’6’’ Mighty from Goofish.

  • Strong and Lightweight Design

Like most of the other offerings from Goofish, this rod features a solid nano tech blank that is both durable and flexible.

The exterior is protected by an extremely tough carbon fiber layer. It is lightweight and handles like a breeze, so you can fish for hours without feeling much fatigue.

  • Multiple Options To Choose From

This Goofish fishing rod comes in three different colors: pink, green, and blue. With each color, you get to pick between the one-piece and the two-piece design.

The one-piece rod is naturally tougher and transmits more power, while the two-piece rod is more portable but still durable.

Whichever you choose, you can expect to perform well on slow-pitch jigging, spinning, or casting.

  • Spiral Guide Ring Design

Another thing that sets this fishing rod apart from others is its option for a spiral guide ring design.

On top of this, the rod is evenly stressed, ensuring that there are no weak points that might break over time.

These features help you get the most for the work you put into the rod.


  • Lightweight but durable
  • Has multiple options to choose from
  • Features a unique guide ring design
  • Suitable for many fishing conditions


  •  A bit more expensive than some models

4. Goofish Ares Speed Jigging 5’5’’

If you are looking for a heavy-duty fishing rod that you can take trolling, speed jigging, or bass fishing, the Ares Speed Jigging 5’5’’ is a safe bet.

It features the same solid nano blank technology that Goofish rods are known for. While it is a bit pricier than some brands or models, it is definitely worth it.


The Goofish Ares Speed Jigging 5’5’’ is specially designed to help you reel in the big one. Here’s why it is a favorite among beginner and experienced anglers:

  • Solid Nano Tech Blank

As mentioned, the Ares Speed Jigging 5’5’’ comes with a solid nano blank that is superior to hollow blanks in many ways.

It is stronger and can keep up with you as you struggle to fight against larger fish.

At the same time, it is thinner and offers more sensitivity, allowing you to make the right decisions more quickly.

With this combination of features, you can look forward to more productive fishing trips.

  • Multiple Options

This Goofish fishing rod is available in two versions: casting and spinning. Whichever you choose, you get to pick between a straight handle and a gun handle.

All versions of the Ares Speed Jigging 5’5’’ use the Fuji K bracket guide ring, which does an outstanding job of dissipating heat and friction.

Basically, this means you can cast farther, allowing you to explore more fishing spots and catch bigger fish.

  • Suitable for Big Fish

One thing that sets the Ares Speed Jigging 5’5’’ from other Goofish rods is that it is built specifically for big fish.

It passes the drag power test of up to 12 kilograms, thanks to its high-carbon solid blank. So, when a big fish bites, you can rest assured this rod can take it.


  • Suitable for big fish
  • Powerful but sensitive
  • Has premium rod guides and rings
  • Multiple options are available


  • A bit expensive

5. Goofish Slow Pitch Jigging 6’6’’

The Slow Pitch Jigging 6’6’’ is one of the flagship products from Goofish. It is a premium fishing rod that can provide solid performance on the water.

If you do not mind paying a higher price to get a high-quality rod, we highly recommend this model.


The Slow Pitch Jigging 6’6’’ can be a bit more expensive than some fishing rods, but it is also superior in many ways.

  • Solid Nano Tech and All Fuji Setting

This fishing rod comes with the signature solid nano tech blank of Goofish. On top of this, it has an all-Fuji setting, from the guides to the inserts.

These features allow you to cast farther and have total control as you try to reel in a big one.

  • High-quality Reel Seat

Built into the Slow Pitch Jigging 6’6’’ is a high-quality reel seat that provides a solid anchor for either a casting or spinning reel.

It boasts a backstop kit that locks the reel securely and prevents it from shaking or wobbling.

As such, you can rest assured that both the rod and reel will remain stable once the fish bites.

  • Multiple Options

This fishing rod comes in two versions: the single-piece and the two-piece. The first one offers better transmission of power, while the second is easier to transport.

Aside from this, you also get to choose between the straight and the spiral rod guide system. You can take your pick depending on your need or preference.


  • Offers premium quality and performance
  • Has a high-quality reel seat
  • Available in different versions
  • Powerful and sensitive


  • More expensive than some brands

Which Goofish Fishing Rod Should You Choose?

Any of the models in this Goofish Fishing Rods Review will serve you well on your next fishing trip.

Therefore, your choice will ultimately depend on your preferences and fishing style.

That said, it is worth mentioning that the Trout Rod 6.0’ is a bargain purchase, while the Slow Pitch Jigging 6’6’’ offers a premium fishing experience.

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