Best Surf Fishing Rods of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

The best surf fishing rods can make a huge difference to your angling experience if you’re looking for something new.

As a fantastic way to try your hands at a new fishing style, surf fishing is phenomenal for catching an assortment of tasty and healthy species ranging from mackerel to flounder.

If you’re new to fishing or looking for a new surf fishing rod to add to your gear, we’ll review five top rod options to consider.

Best Surf Fishing Rods: A Review

1. Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods

The Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods is the best saltwater fishing rods you can find at an agreeable price.

They come in an assortment of sizes and actions, like medium action, making them easy to customize.

They also come with several great features for beginner and seasoned anglers to take advantage of.


Let’s look at some of the top highlights of this surf rod.

  • Graphite Blanks

One of the largest benefits of this series of surf rods is they feature both durability and sensitivity through their graphite composite blanks.

You’ll have plenty of backbone to catch heavier weights while still having enough sensitivity, like light tackle surf fishing.

  • High-Quality Design

From the surf fishing reel to the design of the rod, the Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods features high-quality components.

You’ll love the double-footed stainless steel guide frames to keep you in line and the aluminum oxide guide inserts that are fully compatible with braided lines.

  • Comfortable Design

One of the largest features to consider in the best rods for surf fishing is how comfortable they are to wield all day.

The Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods features a premium cork butt section with non-slip components for all-day comfort.

Also, the hooded reel seat keeps your reel for surf fishing in the best possible placement.


  • Loads up effortlessly
  • Relatively sensitive tip
  • Thick construction adds to the durability
  • The backbone is more impressive than expected


  • Heavier than expected
  • The tip may bend permanently

2. Fiblink Moonsniper Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Surf anglers looking for a good action rod that can tackle all fish species will love the Fiblink Moonsniper Surf Spinning Fishing Rod.

Its carbon fiber design is durable enough to manage larger fish while reducing friction and optimizing your cast for any fish.

This option is easily one of the top rods for surf fishing with a smooth drag and a wide range of other great features.


Let’s take a closer look at the Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod to see its best features.

  • Durable and Sensitive Construction

One of the top benefits of this rod is its extreme sensitivity, making it great for beginners looking for an easy-to-use casting rod.

You’ll be able to feel every fish bite, helping you improve your catch percentages in no time.

The Fiblink Moonsniper Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is solid thanks to its performance-action carbon fiber construction.

  • High-Performance Features

The Fiblink Moonsniper Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is great with lure weights and artificial lures.

It also boasts stainless steel and ceramic guides that help to make your line run smoothly, greatly reducing friction.

You’ll find you can make massive and accurate casts with less effort than with any other reel combo.

  • Non-Slip Tube Handle

The rubber shrink tube handle on this kit is a phenomenal upgrade, making it easier to grasp than a cork grip.

The tapered design fits comfortably into your hand, and the tip-over-butt ferrule offers impressive strength and durability.

Maintaining a strong grip in dry and wet conditions has never been simpler with the Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod.

  • One-Year Warranty

If you’re searching for a long warranty, like a 15-year warranty, this isn’t the rod for you.

The Fiblink Moonsniper Surf Spinning Fishing Rod has a standard one-year protection plan that protects your investment against defects.

If you notice an issue with your rod, simply contact customer service, and they’ll resolve it ASAP.

It’s also important to note the rod comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If, for any reason, you’re dissatisfied with the rod’s performance, you can return it for a refund or replacement.

  • Unique Reel Seat

One of our favorite features of the Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is its extreme exposure reel seat.

You’ll have a wheel seat paired with stainless steel hood transitions below and above the protecting cap.


  • Casts far for the average angler
  • Has a reliable reel for any style of fishing
  • Lightweight like travel fishing rods
  • Loads quite easily


  • The tip may break over time
  • Low-quality shipping packaging

3. Goture Xceed Travel Fishing Rods

Goture Travel Fishing Rods is the perfect combination of spinning and surf rods for any fishing excursion.

In this kit, you’ll have a four-piece rod that breaks down effortlessly to be packed away for travel.

Whether you’ve set your sights on mackerel or saltwater bass, the options are endless with this convenient set.


Here are the top features of the Goture Travel Fishing Rods that you need to make a note of:

  • Upgraded Design

The Goture Xceed Travel Fishing Rods has been recently updated to help you get the toughest fish in the ocean.

You’ll have an integrated Fuji guide ring, which is tougher and smoother than a standard SiC guide.

You’ll also find it resists fractures better than other ring guides.

  • Boosted Strength

When going after decent-sized fish, you need a fishing rod that works with you.

This model features 10% more strength than previous models while remaining sensitive for most fishing styles.

With its 30-ton carbon matrix, you’ll have the perfect blend of strength, power, and rod sensitivity, even with heavier lures.

  • Portable Design

By far, the most convenient feature of the Goture Xceed Travel Fishing Rods and its spinning reels is its portable design.

Anglers can easily take the rod apart into four individual pieces and pack it away in the included carrying case.

As the rod and reel for surf fishing are so lightweight, you’ll easily be able to carry it anywhere or even keep it in the trunk of your car.

  • High-Quality Grip

Along with ceramic guides and smooth drag, the high-quality grip of this rod is something to write home about.

The reel seats are made from top-quality ABS material, helping to absorb more shock for all-day angling.

You’ll also have EVA-split grips, which are easy to control even with the toughest fish, keeping your hands secure and stable.


  • High-quality PVC travel case
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Has fast action and medium power
  • Performs well under pressure


  • The warranty is too short
  • The reel seat may break over time

4. Gonex Carbon Collapsible Casting Rod

The Gonex Carbon Collapsible Casting Rod is an excellent option for artificial lures and a high-quality two-piece split design.

It also has one of the more comfortable grips out of any surfing rods you’ll try over your angling career.

This 2-piece surf fishing rod is sure to set your expectations high when going after saltwater fish.


Let’s explore some of the top features of one of the lightest surf fishing rods on the market.

  • High-Quality Construction

There’s plenty to appreciate with this 2-piece surf fishing rod, starting with its 30T Japan Toray carbon blanks.

You’ll experience far more strength and durability than with any other rod blank, as well as improved sensitivity.

Compared to a one-piece rod, the Gonex Carbon Collapsible Casting Rod is sure to be better for you to feel every bite in any condition.

  • ALPS Guides

The improved guides on this rod are also remarkable, as they’re crafted from durable stainless steel with a titanium coating.

There’s also zirconium in their construction, which helps to maintain a high level of durability while reducing friction.

Along with making smoother casts, the Gonex Carbon Collapsible Casting Rod’s guides help to add to its sensitivity.

  • EVA Handle

There are plenty of great features of the handle on this rod, especially if you need something you can hold onto all day.

It’s crafted from A-class cork, which is great for absorbing water and sweat.

Your hands will feel considerably more comfortable in all weather conditions without worrying about slippage or blisters when reeling in your big catches.

  • Collapsible Design

The Gonex Carbon Collapsible Casting Rod is a great option if you’ve been looking for a competitive travel rod.

It’s one of the lightest surf fishing rods that takes up far less space in your luggage.

You’ll also find it’s remarkably easy to keep stored on your boat or in your trunk for impromptu fishing excursions.

  • Versatile Design

There’s no doubt; the Gonex Carbon Collapsible Casting Rod works well with surf fishing tackle and other fishing styles.

You can try your new rod while kayaking, deep-sea fishing, or surf fishing.


  • Performs equal to professional rod brands
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Very responsive
  • Has fantastic sensitivity and action


  • The guides are quite close to the blank
  • Feels stiff at first

5. Fiblink Cork Handle Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

The Fiblink Cork Handle Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is the last rod we’ll review for anyone looking for a rod to handle all types of fish from shore.

Its unique design makes it a great addition to your fishing gear, with awesome guides, an impressive rod action, and a reasonable price range.

You’ll appreciate its balance between durability and sensitivity and its reliable rod power for any angling situation.


Let’s dive into the features of the Fiblink Cork Handle Surf Spinning Fishing Rod.

  • Impressive Design

There’s no doubt this rod is designed with quality control in mind.

You’ll have a carbon fiber blank, stainless steel guides, rubber butt caps, and an improved high-strength reel seat.

With all of these features combined, you’ll find it’s both lightweight and responsive with long-term durability, even for beginners.

  • Balanced

As mentioned earlier, the Fiblink Cork Handle Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is clearly one of the more balanced rods on the market.

You’ll find it has the perfect strength, power, sensitivity, and performance.

Not only is it great for everyday surf fishing, but it’s also a fantastic choice for combat fishing, even in rocky areas.

  • Improved Guides

The guides on the Fiblink Cork Handle Surf Spinning Fishing Rod are similar to many of the other surf rods we’ve reviewed in this guide.

They feature stainless steel with ceramic inserts, which help to make your line slide effortlessly through the rod without sticking.

With less friction, you’ll find heat is dissipated easily, maintaining the quality and integrity of your line over time.

Another huge benefit of the stainless steel guides is their placement has been upgraded compared to previous models.

You’ll now find the guides are perfectly spaced away from the blank for considerably longer casts.

  • Enhanced Grip

The grip on your fishing rod is one of its most important features to keep in mind.

With this model, you’ll have a comfortable textured shrink tube fore that sits well in your hand and gives you plenty of flexibility.

You’ll no longer have to worry about hardened materials that rub against your palm, causing blisters and calluses.

You’ll also find the improved material helps to absorb sweat and dampness.

Over time, the Fiblink Cork Handle Surf Spinning Fishing Rod will become one of the most comfortable rods you’ve ever used.

  • One-Year Warranty

The Fiblink Cork Handle Surf Spinning Fishing Rod’s warranty isn’t as long as desired, as a five-year warranty would be a far better option.

That said, within a year of purchase, you’ll have complete protection against defects.

You can also get 100% of your money back if there’s any damage to the rod or reel.


  • Easily collapsible for travel and storage
  • High-quality guides help reduce friction
  • Easily makes longer and shorter casts
  • The comfortable grip helps absorb sweat


  • Not all the sizes are travel-friendly
  • The ceramic guide inserts could break over time

Our Top Recommendation

The best surf fishing rods are clearly the Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods with their top-quality design.

You’ll have remarkable strength paired with amazing sensitivity, helping you capitalize on numerous fish bites in any water condition.

With its sleek and stylish appeal and its intuitively designed grip, this rod will quickly become your go-to for any surf fishing excursion.

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