Best Maxcatch Fly Rod Review | Personal Observation

Maxcatch fly fishing rods are amazing quality rods for beginner anglers who are looking for something on the cheaper side but without sacrificing quality.

The quality is impressive considering the design, and so is the design! These are some attractive-looking fishing rods.

The construction of these rods is something to admire, with IM7 24T and 30T carbon fiber being their main material.

Best Maxcatch Fly Rod Review | Personal Observation

Each of the rods has five layers of their composition, leaving these rods more impressive than many other competitors on the market. 

The rod that we’re looking at today – Maxcatch Extreme – is created for mid to fast action, although Maxcatch likes to claim that it is more for the latter.

You’ll love this rod if you’re looking for something for soft and far out castings. Moreover, it looks amazing with a cork handle and aluminum reel holder. 

We think that this is a great rod for beginner anglers, but it can also be used as a backup alternative for more experienced fishermen.

It works just as well in saltwater despite being for freshwater, so good on all accounts. 

The Maxcatch Extreme comes with 4 pieces and a money back guarantee for an entire year.

What’s more is that it also comes with a lifetime warranty for repairs! You’re set for life with this fly rod. 

It can be difficult to find your first great fishing rod, as some are too expensive or too difficult to use for a beginner.

Don’t worry, though, as we’re here to help. We hope that this article will be able to help you find your favorite rod to prevent your angling experience from being a stressful one. 

Today we’re going to be looking into the Maxcaatch Extreme Fly rod, and whether or not it is a good option for you or not.

We have used this rod several times for different experiences, so we’ll be looking into it with experienced eyes. 

Let’s dive right into our review, shall we? 

Maxcatch Extreme Fly Rod Review

The Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod comes in a number of different sizes, but we used the 5 weight and 9 foot length.

This rod is made in China and therefore many of us might have been skeptical of the quality – especially for the price. 

However, we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of this rod, especially considering the price!

We were not disappointed with this rod at all, and there were a few surprising qualities that we were very welcoming of. 

While this might not have been the best rod we have ever tried in our lives, it certainly exceeded our expectations for what we were expecting.

Today we’re going to be giving you an insight into what we liked and disliked about this fishing rod, as well as whether you should get it. 

Maxcatch Extreme Fly Rod – Key Features

Maxcatch is a fishing company based in China, specializing in angling gear for beginners and professionals alike.

It was founded in 2005 and claims to donate 5% of their overall profits to inspire more people to join the fishing industry. 

Here we’re going to look through the main features that the Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod comes with.

This should help you to make the decision as to whether or not this rod comes with everything you need. 

The Rod Design

The overall design of this rod is a good one, but it’s also nothing to write home about. There isn’t anything amazing about the design that would make you instantly want to buy this one.

Ours was green with simple fixtures and aluminum assets. 

If you’re looking for a rod for its attractiveness, then this one might not be for you. The low price has seemingly left the company with no more budget to make it look impressive.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you put practicality over aesthetics. 

With that being said, the handle is something to be admired with a premium cork material.

This enhances the comfort and performance of the rod, so this is a great feature of the Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod. 

The reel seat that comes with this rod is made from aluminum and includes two up-locking rings.

The two up-locking system is another good feature, and the seat fits the reel great so that it won’t come loose. 

The rod comes with a flex on the tip and mid sections of the rod. There is no flex on the lower end of the rod, which can be a little limiting at times.

As the lower part of the rod carries the majority of the weight, you don’t feel the flex at the top of the rod as much as you would if it was lower down. 

Rod Construction

We were really impressed with the rod construction, and it is something that the brand is most well known for.

All Maxcatch rods come with five layers of carbon fiber mixed with IM7 24T and 30T. 

These five layers contain the following:

  1. Compression tape
  2. Strength muscle carbon
  3. Reinforced muscle carbon
  4. Clockwise diagonal distortion resistance tape
  5. Counterclockwise diagonal distortion resistant tape.

These five layers are more impressive than other entry-level fishing rods which come with fewer layers.

You can even bend the rod with your hands and it won’t snap under the pressure – excellent for beginners who are just learning how to look after their rods. 

So, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of this rod and its construction.

We would even go as far as to say that this rod is better than the majority of other beginner-friendly rods on the market, and for such a great price too! 

Size Options

Size Options

There are a number of different sizes that you can choose from with the Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod.

These sizes come with varied lengths and weights to tailor it perfectly to your style of fishing.

Here is a list of the sizes available for the Maxcatch fly rod, including how many pieces they come with:

  • 8 foot 4 inches, 3 weight – 4 pieces
  • 9 foot, 5 weight – 4 pieces
  • 9 foot, 6 weight – 4 pieces
  • 9 foot 6 inches, 5 weight – 4 pieces
  • 9 foot 6 inches, 6 weight – 4 pieces   
  • 9 foot, 8 weight – 4 pieces
  • 10 foot, 7 weight – 4 pieces

This is a decent number of sizes to choose from depending on your style of fishing and your skill level.

Fly fishing rods range from 6 foot to 10 foot, so the ones from Maxcatcher are all on the longer end of this spectrum. 

Casting Ability

The slim taper on the Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod allows the fishing line to easily slip out of the reel without any issues on each casting.

The smoothness and power that you get with each cast out is good enough, and we don’t see any issues that would make this rod difficult to cast with. 

Loading the rod was also easy enough, so a beginner would be able to use the Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod with ease – even if the weather wasn’t good.

An experienced angler wouldn’t run into any issues either, as the method of loading the rod was the same as usual practice. 


Maxcatch claims that this rod is for fast action, although we might not agree with that completely.

It can be used for some fast action, but we think that it would be better suited in medium-fast action rather than just the latter.

Casting further distances was simple and comfortable, and easy enough to carry out. There was nothing for us to be disappointed about with this rod’s casting and usability at distance. 

However, the same cannot be said for shorter distances. We found that shorter distances is where this rod fell short in terms of its performance.

In fact, we can think of several other beginner-friendly fishing rods that are better at short distances than the Maxcatch Extreme. 

Water Compatibility

Most fishing rods come with a rating for saltwater or freshwater.

This rod is rated as a freshwater rod, but the great thing about it is that it can actually be used for both saltwater and freshwater! 

While prolonged use in saltwater might begin to erode the rod slightly and weaken its lifespan, it can still be used within saltwater for many years.

Some people use this rod as a backup for saltwater fishing sessions instead of their main rod. 

The fact that you can use the Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod in any kind of water is a big benefit in our eyes, as it makes it suitable for beginners who don’t know whether they’re going to be using their rod for saltwater or freshwater trips yet.

The Overall Weight 

No matter which size you choose for your Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod, you can be sure that it will be lightweight.

Our 9 foot 5 weight rod weighed a total of only 3.8 ounces, so it was really easy to carry around and use without hassle. 

If you are used to ultra-lightweight fishing rods, then this one might feel a little heavy to you.

However, this overall weight of below 4 ounces is still very impressive, and lower than most entry-level fishing rods that you’d see on the market. 

Price And Warranty

The price is incredibly low for a fishing rod that comes with all of the great features that we have mentioned above.

You will not be disappointed in the quality of this rod considering the price of below $100. 

The warranty that Maxcatch offers is a 1-year money back guarantee. This means that you can give the rod back within an entire year if you decide that it’s not the right one for you.

Simply return the rod back to Maxcatch and they will give you a full refund on arrival. 

However, this is not all that Maxcatch offers when it comes to warranty.

They also offer a lifetime guarantee on repairs, so that if you ever find your fishing rod to be broken, the manufacturer will repair it for you free of charge! 

Are There Any Drawbacks? 

As with any product on the market, there are a few drawbacks with the Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod.

We will look at these below, although we think that it is worth noting that there are many more benefits than drawbacks. 


We found that the Maxcatch Extreme rod was too flexible on the tip and midsection of the rod, and not enough on the lower part.

As the lower part of the rod is where the majority of its weight comes from, this rod can come off a little stiff. 

Customer Service

There is no support center in the USA and therefore might pose an issue if you needed help from Maxcatch.

This also means that if you need to repair your rod, you’ll have to send it all the way to China to do so. 


Overall, there’s not much that we can fault the Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod on. It is an excellent rod for beginners and even can be used as a backup rod for more seasoned anglers.

This rod comes in seven sizes for you to choose the best for you, all with 4 piece construction,

We really liked a lot of key features from this fishing rod, and only had a few concerns about the customer service and flexibility of the rod.

It is also not the best for short distance casting, so that’s something to consider as well. Happy fishing!

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