11 Best Fishing Rod Brands of 2023

Finding the best fishing rod brands has become more and more competitive over time.

Every year, new brands emerge out of the woodwork while older brands continue to look for new ways to revolutionize their designs.

With impressive strides towards innovation and high performance, knowing which rod brands are best can be challenging.

This is especially true if it is your first time investing in fishing gear.

In this guide, we’ll review the top fishing rod brands you can get your hands on this year to help you pick the perfect setup.

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    11 Best Fishing Rod Brands of 2023

    Are you ready to replace your old rod and reel combo? Let’s jump right into the list of the best fishing rod brands this year:

    1. Fenwick

    Fenwick is one of the most notable components of Pure Fishing, offering top-quality rods for an assortment of purposes.

    In 2023, you can expect the World Class Series to make a massive impression with its remarkable features.

    Most of the rods in this lineup come with high-end features like Fuji Sea-Guide and K-Guides as well as Fuji reel seats.

    Aside from the World Class Series, Fenwick specializes in rods for inshore saltwater fishing and light freshwater angling.

    They are designed with improved stability and sensitivity and come from a dependable brand known to stand behind its products.

    After several seasons, you will continue reaching for the same gear rather than shopping for a new rod every one to two seasons.

    Another massive advantage of Fenwick’s wide range of rods is its value-to-quality ratio.

    This is particularly important for beginners looking to catch different fish species, as Fenwick rods hold up very well over time.

    In fact, we’re confident to say that Fenwick rods are among the most innovative types of rods for entry-level anglers.

    Popular Fenwick Rod Options:

    • Eagle (Travel) Spinning Rod
    • Aetos Fly Rod
    • HMX Spinning Rods
    • Eagle Baitcasting Rod
    • Elite Inshore Spinning Rod

    2. Daiwa

    If you have always been a fan of Japanese manufacturing, you will want to check out Daiwa’s selection of fishing rods.

    Each of its newly released rods boasts innovative features and qualities you are only likely to find in Daiwa-quality items.

    You will surely be impressed if you are hunting for a durable and dependable rod that will handle anything you throw at it.

    Not only is it known for its rods, but Daiwa also carries an impressive number of reels you will love using.

    When it comes to rods, you will find expensive and affordable options, such as the Spinmatic D or Accudepth rods.

    Daiwa is one of our top manufacturers because it takes every type of angler into account.

    You will find an assortment of freshwater rods and gear and saltwater rods and gear for any adventure.

    You’ll also fall in love with the overall quality of its products, offering carbon fiber and graphite rods paired with equal-quality fishing tackles.

    Above all else, Daiwa’s fishing rods come with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing you get plenty of use out of your investment.

    Popular Daiwa Rod Options:

    • Saltiga
    • BLX Series
    • Steez AGS
    • Seaborg Dendoh
    • Proteus
    • Kage
    • Harrier
    • Rebellion

    3. Redington

    Anglers looking for top-quality fly rods are sure to love Redington gear, designed for fresh and saltwater fly fishing.

    The style of its gear is perfect for the modern angler, making Redington your favorite fishing rod brand.

    Redington was first introduced to the market in 1992 with many quality gear options for fly fishers.

    It has since diversified to offer several rods, reels, apparel, combos, and accessories.

    What makes Redington unique in the fishing industry is that it takes the needs of anglers and non-anglers into account.

    You can choose from a wide selection of fishing gear for pros and easy-to-use tools if it’s your first time out on the banks.

    Its gear is designed to be high-quality, affordable, and more intuitive than other starter-friendly brands you might come across.

    Redington is also known for its modern concepts.

    Performance enhancements are added to each new rod design, and you’ll find even more innovation than most other rod and fishing reel brands.

    You can find rods designed for sight fishing, dry flies, streamers, trout spey, improved reach and distance, and more.

    Popular Redington Rod Options:

    • Crux
    • Vice
    • Classic Trout
    • Trout Specific
    • Predator
    • Crosswater
    • Path

    4. 13 Fishing

    13 Fishing is a relatively new company known for tools to improve your fishing experience.

    Since its emergence, it has developed a great selection of high-performance reels, fishing rods, and fantastic lures.

    Not only does it specialize in fresh and saltwater angling, but it also has a unique selection of products dedicated to ice fishing.

    With 13 Fishing’s continual innovation, it’s hard not to include it on the list of the top brands to keep an eye on this year.

    It is not only a favorite among leisurely anglers but also professionals, especially those looking for dependable rods.

    You’ll be surprised at the type of fishing gear it has available, and it continues to add new products to its inventory annually.

    If you are looking for a performance rod company to invest in from day one, 13 Fishing is one of our top choices.

    It’s a Florida-based brand owned by anglers and developed for anglers looking for quality materials.

    Popular 13 Fishing Rod Options:

    • Defy
    • Envy
    • Fuse
    • Omen
    • Fate
    • Archangel
    • Wicked
    • Infrared
    • Vital
    • Omen Ice

    5. Megabass

    Megabass is another top-tier Japanese company offering amazing fishing gear for any seasoned angler.

    It is also among the best brands for beginners, with plenty of affordable fishing products now available worldwide.

    With its high-quality products, these rods are the highest in demand, whether you’re participating in a tournament or on weekend trips.

    One of our favorite things about Megabass is the story of its birth in the United States.

    The company’s founder, Yuki Ito, would challenge local fishing stores and pros to angling duels.

    If Yuki won, the store would have to buy his lures, but if the U.S. competitor won, he would have to buy their products.

    Over time, this process convinced a number of people to invest in the top-quality products Yuki was offering.

    Today, Megabass is one of the most-desired brands for professional anglers and casual fishermen alike.

    With a combination of handmade artistry and modernized technological innovation, its products have everything you could dream of.

    Popular Megabass Fishing Rod Options:

    • Levante
    • Orochi XX
    • Destroyer
    • Destroyer P5

    6. Orvis

    Orvis is often considered the world’s premier fly fishing rod brand and carries an impressive number of other fishing products.

    It is known as a brand continually breaking barriers to help make fishing more accessible to anyone interested in trying.

    Not to mention, it has a wide variety of angling gear for professionals, as well.

    Along with its variety of rods, customers benefit from a 100% satisfaction guarantee when they buy from Orvis.

    Regardless of the products you buy, you are guaranteed a top-quality unit every time, or you can get a replacement or refund.

    What makes Orvis one of the best fly fishing rod manufacturers in North America is the years of experience it has under its belt.

    The company has been operating for over 150 years, perfecting its products to meet any angler’s needs.

    You will also find that along with refining its manufacturing and sustainability, Orvis has also refined its products’ affordability.

    With Orvis, you’ll be able to get your hands on a top-quality high-performance rod for much less than you’d expect, although there are also prestigious models.

    Popular Orvis Fishing Rod Options:

    • Encounter
    • Helios
    • Clearwater
    • Recon
    • Adirondack
    • Superfine
    • Penn’s Creek

    7. Jackall

    Jackall is a relatively new fishing rod manufacturer, but its products are designed to impress.

    If you are searching for reels and rods with a smooth drag and exceptional craftsmanship, its designs are some of the best.

    With Jackall, you’ll be able to get your hands on individual components as well as any fishing rod combo you could need.

    As another one of the best Japanese fishing rod brands, you are guaranteed top-quality products with every purchase.

    Anglers can find advanced fishing rods designed for fishing holes, bait fishing, and other activities.

    Jackall has several high-end products, but it also carries cheap fishing rods for beginners looking to branch out into the angling community.

    The company has been in operation for 20+ years, which helps its products adapt to the needs of the everyday modern angler.

    It has also been selling its products worldwide since 2003 after diversifying out of Japan.

    After using Jackall as your top choice for fishing gear, you’ll find that its rods are known for two main benefits: sensitivity and balance.

    This combo makes Jackall rods ideal for beginners.

    One of our favorite products any advanced angler will love is the Nazzy Choice, which is designed for catfish anglers.

    Popular Jackall Fishing Rod Options:

    • Nazzy Choice
    • BPM
    • Revoltage

    8. Okuma

    Adventurous anglers looking for a more extensive range of products within a tight budget will surely appreciate the rods from Okuma.

    Although it is known to be one of the more affordable brands for anglers, its product quality is among some of the best on the market.

    With Okuma, you won’t have to compromise on versatility or convenience to get an agreeable price.

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, Okuma carries a diverse range of saltwater and freshwater rods and reels for your needs.

    You can also choose from a larger range of configurations catering to anglers of any type, age, and size.

    If there is one thing to love about the brand, it is that each rod is designed with top-tier precision engineering, guaranteeing the best possible performance.

    Okuma has gained the admiration of anglers worldwide thanks to its acceptable price range.

    You can finally purchase affordable rods without breaking the bank, especially if you are getting into a new range of fishing or angling styles.

    Every angler can explore Okuma’s jigging rods, bass rods, freshwater and saltwater rods, surf rods, big game rods, fly rods, and even telepole rods.

    Popular Okuma Fishing Rod Options:

    • Wave
    • Fuel Spin
    • Helios
    • Helios Air
    • Tomcat
    • SLY
    • Cortez
    • Azores
    • Ceymar
    • Epixor

    9. Penn Fishing

    When searching for a fishing rod manufacturer with a broader selection of products, Penn Fishing is a fantastic solution.

    It is often referred to as the most popular rod manufacturer worldwide, perfect for shore anglers and boat fishermen.

    From the Battalion II for surf anglers to the Rampage rods for jigging, there are plenty of options to consider.

    Not only is Penn Fishing known for its remarkable product selection, but it also has budget lines for anglers to explore.

    With additional performance enhancements, every rod you invest in will give you years of action without needing repairs or replacement.

    Not to mention, beginners can invest in a top-quality brand while staying within their budget for equipment.

    This manufacturer is home to the broadest range of saltwater fishing gear you can use.

    Its collection comprises offshore and inshore fishing and surf fishing, offering reliable reel combos, standalone reels, and rods.

    One of the key performance differences of Penn Fishing gear is that every rod is designed to be intentionally durable.

    As such, it can handle even the most challenging conditions.

    Regardless of how budget friendly your products are, you can rest assured that Penn Fishing rods are built to last a lifetime.

    That said, the company continually creates new products and improved models, allowing you to explore even more exciting updates.

    Popular Penn Fishing Rod Options:

    • Squadron
    • Rampage
    • Mariner
    • Battalion
    • Battle
    • Prevail
    • Carnage

    10. Shimano

    Image Source

    Whether it’s your first time on the water or your 100th, you have likely heard of Shimano.

    As another major powerhouse in Japanese fishing gear, Shimano is home to some of the best premium fishing rods available.

    Each rod is crafted with meticulous engineering, guaranteeing its rods and reels outperform the toughest competition.

    The company takes product quality exceptionally seriously, ensuring each product is the best it has to offer.

    That said, you can guarantee each new item has even more improvements, key performance differences, and enhanced features any angler will love.

    For such a renowned choice for fishermen, Shimano has an incredible selection of fishing gear products to choose from.

    Its most popular products are the ones with digital components, such as its enhanced microcomputers.

    With the integration of these technological advancements, casters can have automated spool control for optimized casts every time.

    Undoubtedly, Shimano is an amazing company that has combined futuristic elements with fishing to create unforgettable gear.

    Popular Shimano Fishing Rod Options:

    • Poison Adrena
    • Intenza
    • Expride
    • Curado
    • Tallus
    • Talavera
    • Grappler
    • Trevala
    • Teramar
    • GLF
    • Saguaro

    11. Ugly Stik

    Ugly Stik is another offshoot of Pure Fishing, giving anglers the kind of gear to help them through the toughest conditions.

    If durability and dependability are the two factors most important to you, Ugly Stik rods are an outstanding choice.

    Trophy anglers will find an impressive list of products varying in powers and lengths for spinning and casting, from Catfish to the Bigwater rods.

    Along with a great rod selection, Ugly Stik is home to rods that would make an excellent choice for beginners, like the Graphite and GX2 spinning rods.

    In its collection, you can find all the tools you might need for your upcoming fishing adventure.

    Popular Ugly Stik Fishing Rod Options:

    • GX2
    • Fenwick Eagle
    • Fenwick HMG
    • Veritas
    • Catfish
    • Hardy Ultralite

    Transform Your Angling Experience With the Best Fishing Rod!

    Knowing about the best brands that sell fishing rods is helpful for several reasons.

    From Ugly Stik to Shimano, anglers can find rods made with an assortment of modernized features and cutting-edge materials.

    Whether you want carbon fiber construction or an ergonomic cork handle, the options are endless when you check out these top brands.

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