Best Beginner Fishing Tackle Box

Fishing is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. It’s a great sport for those who want to spend long days enjoying the great outdoors.

However, if you’re going to get the most out of it, you’ll need a suitable fishing tackle box. This is especially important if you’re a beginner looking to try fishing out for the first time.

Best Beginner Fishing Tackle Box

Aside from needing high-quality equipment to catch fish, you need a simple tackle box that will make it easier for you to learn the ropes. 

There’s no point in purchasing a professional fishing tackle box if you’ve never picked up a rod before.

This along with the incredibly overwhelming variety of tackle boxes available can make it hard for beginners to find the best box. 

Luckily though, we’re here to help. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best beginner fishing tackle boxes on the market right now, detailing what they offer and any pros and cons. 

If you’re a beginner looking for your first tackle box, our list is something you’ll want to check out, so stick around!

Plano Three Tray Tackle Box

The first complete tackle box on our list is the three-tray tackle box from Plano. As far as high-quality, yet affordable tackle boxes go, this one takes some beating. 

Ideal for anybody looking for a reliable, durable box containing a fantastic assortment of tackle, this Plano fishing tackle box is up there with the most affordable options on the market. 

Despite its low price tag, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the box or the tackle you receive.

Featuring three trays, all of your tackle is easily organized into small compartments, helping you find what you need quickly. 

Each box comes with 180 pieces of essential fishing tackle. This includes everything you need to get started, except for the rod.

Within the box, you’ll find an extensive number of lures and high-quality fishing lines among other things. 

When we took a closer look at Plano’s three-tray tackle box, we were most impressed with the sheer volume of equipment that came with it and how easy it was to carry around. 

This is the perfect box for those looking to start their fishing journey.


  • Large assortment of pieces – This box comes with 180 pieces of fishing equipment.
  • Great for beginners – Plano’s tackle box has everything a beginner needs to get going.
  • 34 compartments – This tackle box has a whopping 34 compartments to help you keep organized.


  • Not suitable for serious fishing – The quality of this tackle box isn’t quite suitable for serious fishing. It better suits those looking to practice.

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Dr. Fish Fishing Tackle Bag

If you have a bigger budget and seek something a little more impressive, the Dr. Fish fishing tackle bag could be a great option. 

Offering only the highest quality in terms of bag durability and tackle performance, spending the extra money is well worth what you get out of this tackle bag. Whether you want to take 

fishing more seriously or just enjoy it every now and again, the bag will have you covered. 

Made from heavy-duty 900D Oxford fabrics, and featuring a super-strong zipper lock, the bag comes with five tackle boxes, all of which fit inside the bag perfectly.

Inside the boxes, you can expect to receive a wide range of things such as soft lures, poppers, spinners, crankbaits, and spoons.

These are all things you need to start your fishing journey off right.

Having a bag to hold the boxes instead of a simple carry box is much easier when it comes to hiking to your fishing spot and quickly packing up for the day.

To make carrying the bag even easier, Dr. Fish has equipped it with a soft, padded side and comfortable straps.

We loved the waist belt that stops the bag from swinging as you carry it too.


  • High-quality – The bag, boxes, and tackle are all made to last.
  • Easy to carry – Dr. Fish’s tackle bag is much easier to carry than a bulky box.
  • Extra storage space – The bag comes with additional space for other essentials like sunscreen.


  • Pricey – This starter kit is quite expensive when compared to others.

South Bend R2FK Tackle Box

If you’re simply looking for a basic, affordable tackle box that still comes with everything you need, take a look at South Bend’s r2fk tackle box. 

When you’re just starting out as a fishing beginner, you don’t necessarily need an extensive range of tackle at your disposal.

Instead, a smaller collection of fishing essentials can be perfect for getting used to what you need to use and when.

This box helps you learn that brilliantly. Containing just 62 pieces, this set gives you everything you need without overwhelming you, giving you the chance to learn more and start off easily. 

Tackle the box comes with includes essentials such as hooks, sinkers, jigs, and bobbers.

As you learn more about fishing and your preferences, you can then add more of the things you like most to your box.

You may even wish to upgrade to a bigger box once you’ve mastered the basics. 

When it comes to the box’s durability, we were pleased with what we found. The box has a strong latch, solid design, and moisture-resistant features.

These features ensure your box stays strong and copes with harsh fishing conditions.


  • High-quality – This box and its contents are made to a very high standard.
  • Durable – Your fishing tackle will be well protected.
  • Perfect beginner collection – The South Bend tackle box offers everything a beginner needs.


  • Need to upgrade eventually – When you have more fishing experience, you will need to upgrade from this box.

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Flambeau Outdoors Tackle Box

The next beginner tackle box on our list is the big mouth tackle box from Flambeau Outdoors.

Another low-cost option, this box is a solid choice for beginners who aren’t sure whether they like fishing enough yet to invest in something more upmarket or kids who want to begin their fishing adventure. 

Generally considered to be a small-pond fishing set, the big mouth tackle box is a small, 89-piece kit that comes in a durable, quite stylish box.

Super portable, you could quite easily keep the box in your trunk all the time, just in case you’re lucky enough to head to the pond after a long day. 

The box is only small, so like the South Bend box above, you will have to upgrade and replace it if you find that you do really love fishing.

However, while you learn the ropes, this box is perfect. All you need to do is buy a rod, this box has everything else for you.

Included in the box are stringers, bait holders, hooks, a swivel, bobbers, and a disgorger.

Overall, we love the simplicity of this box and everything it offers to someone wanting to give fishing a go. 


  • Compact – Everything you need is placed in one small box.
  • Great kids option – This kit is perfect for children.
  • Durable – The box will keep your fishing tackle safe.


  • Quite small – If you need a big fishing tackle box, this one isn’t your best option.

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Plano Guide Tackle System

Not everyone wants a tackle box that already has all the equipment inside. Therefore, it’s always nice to have a good option that lets you organize your own fishing tackle.

If you’re a beginner that already has some fishing knowledge and you want to build your own tackle set, the Plano guide series tackle system is perfect for you.

The tackle system is a large, high-quality tackle box that offers the user an incredibly large variety of storage solutions.

Aside from having plenty of space for lures, hooks, baits, and fishing lines, this box also has plenty of space for other fishing essentials such as gloves and knives. 

To offer even more storage capabilities, Plano has ensured the bait racks can be removed. So you can easily see where your tackle is, the Plano tackle system is also transparent.

This lets you see what you have in the box without having to open it. 

When we reviewed this fishing tackle box, we were impressed with its overall construction, size, and how it can follow a beginner throughout their fishing journey.

As you progress, you can simply add more and more to the box, until you’re left with your preferred collection. 


  • Plenty of space – This box has enough space for all your fishing tackle.
  • Build-your-own kit – You can tailor the box to your needs and requirements.
  • Transparent – See where your essentials are without opening the box.


  • No tackle included – You have to source all the tackle yourself.

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Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to picking the best fishing tackle box, there are a number of important factors you need to take into consideration first.

These factors will impact your decision in regards to what you need from a tackle box. 

In this buyer’s guide, you will find detailed information about each important factor to think about.

By carefully thinking about each factor, you’ll be able to make the right decision and one that you won’t later regret.

What Tackle Do You Need?

One of the most important things to think about when looking for a beginner fishing tackle box is the tackle you need.

Tackle boxes all come equipped with different things. Some come with more hooks and fishing lines, while others come with more lures. 

Before choosing a box, you need to carefully think about what it is you need. As you’re a beginner, we recommend looking for a tackle box that has a bit of everything.

As a result, a tackle box that contains hooks, lures, lines, bobbers, swivels, and sinkers is a strong choice. 

Using a box with all these essentials will help you tackle any fishing scenario that comes your way.


It isn’t uncommon for individuals to have to hike to their fishing spots. It is also quite common for fishing lovers to take their gear on camping trips.

Therefore, it is super important to find a tackle box that is easily transported and carried around. The last thing you need is a heavy, bulky box that weighs you down as you carry it. 

The best way to find a portable tackle box is to simply keep an eye out for any special features.

For example, a lot of beginner fishing tackle boxes that are portable will come with a padded carry handle or straps.

They may also feature a compact design so that the box can be easily stored away. 

Easy To Use

You need to find a tackle box that is super easy and hassle-free to use. Luckily for you, all of the boxes on our list are very easy to use.

However, if you choose to look elsewhere for a box, you need to take into account how well you’ll be able to use it. 

While most boxes on the market are relatively easy to use, there are some that can cause problems.

Boxes that are too small or fiddly can make it harder to find the right piece of equipment when you need it.

A good beginner tackle box will have plenty of storage compartments, a solid design, and a wide range of essential pieces.


Beginner fishing tackle boxes come in a wide range of prices. Some boxes might cost as low as $13, whilst others might cost you over $66.

As a result of these differing costs, it is important to know what your budget is. By not understanding your budget, you can easily spend more money than you have.

You can also waste a lot of time looking at boxes you can’t afford instead of focusing on the ones you can.

We recommend first coming up with a budget before even looking at the tackle boxes available.

By doing this, you can ensure you stay within your budget and save time when it comes to looking through your options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Be In A Beginners Fishing Tackle Box?

Your beginner fishing tackle box should come with everything you need to start fishing, that is of course, except for the rod.

Usually, a beginner’s box should contain a wide variety of hooks, lures, weights, and bobbers. 

You can also find some beginner fishing tackle boxes that come with a few different types of line, a fishing knife, and even a small first-aid kit.

You might also want to add some of your own essentials into the box, but generally speaking, these are the key things you’ll need to find in a beginner’s fishing tackle box.

What Are The Fishing Tackle Basics?

In the world of fishing, there are four different pieces of fishing tackle that are considered to be the fishing tackle basics.

Those four tackle basics are lines, weights, bobbers, and lures. The reason these pieces of tackle are considered the basics is that they are essentially all you need to start fishing. 

Each piece of equipment serves a different purpose that helps you catch fish.

Bobbers help detect the fish, the lures draw them in, the weights help sink the bait at the right depth, and the line is what you connect to your fishing rod.

Without these four basics, fishing would be an awful lot harder. 

Which Beginner Fishing Tackle Box Is Best? 

All of the beginner fishing tackle boxes on our list are excellent for different reasons, but the one we like most is the Flambeau Outdoors tackle box. 

For us, this box offers just about everything any beginner could ever need. It comes with all the essential tackle we need, in a durable, stylish, and extremely portable box.

It’s also on sale at a very reasonable price. What more could we ask for?

Final Thoughts

Anybody looking to take up the sport of fishing needs to ensure they have a suitable fishing tackle box.

Owning a high-quality fishing tackle box not only makes it a lot easier to catch fish, but it helps you keep your tackle organized and in order too.

For beginners, a tackle box is also a great way to learn how to fish and what you need.

Though it can be difficult to find a tackle box that suits beginners because of the overwhelming amount of options available on the market, in this article, we have given you 5 very good, high-quality options.

Whether you’re looking for your own beginner tackle box, want to replace an older box, or are trying to buy your child their first kit, there is an option for you on our list.

While the boxes on our list vary in terms of design and storage capabilities, you can rest assured that they all come with strong features that make fishing a lot easier for beginners. 

All you need to do now is narrow down the list until you find the box that suits you best!

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