Best Bass Fishing Rods of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

If there is one thing that beginner anglers and those with some fishing experience will agree on, it’s that catching bass is hard.

That said, using the best bass fishing rods will help your chances of successfully reeling in the big one.

While it is true that mastering the right bass fishing techniques is crucial to your success, having the right fishing gear is equally important.

The question is, which should you pick among the many models available today? To help you make the right decision, here’s a closer look at some of the top options.

Best Bass Fishing Rods Review

1. Kingswell Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Kingswell specializes in rods, reels, and other types of fishing equipment. It has a number of rod and reel combos, and this set is one of its bestsellers.

If you are looking for a portable bass rod you can take on all your fishing trips, this set is for you.


Kingswell is known for making high-quality rods, and this one is no exception. It is designed to help make you a better bass angler, whatever your skill level is.

  • Highly Portable Rod Kit

One of the biggest draws of this rod is that it is highly portable. You can collapse it down to 22 inches, which is less than a third of its entire length.

This means you do not have to miss out on any fishing opportunities because you can just keep it in the trunk of your car.

Now, you might have heard that a telescopic rod is not a durable choice, which is true for the most part.

That said, the Kingswell telescopic rod is different. It has an ultra-high-density carbon fiber blank that is both tough and flexible.

You can use it to cast heavier lure weights up to 1.5 ounces, which makes for a better fishing experience.

  • High-quality Spinning Reel Included

Putting together the right combination of fishing reel and rod can be a stressful experience.

There are so many brands and models to choose from, and it’s hard to pick just one, especially if you do not know what to look for.

The great thing about this rod from Kingswell is that it already comes with a spinning reel that complements it perfectly.

It features an aluminum body that is highly resistant to corrosion.

What’s more, it has a total of six stainless steel ball bearings, allowing it to provide a smooth performance with each and every cast.

You can interchange the handle to suit either a left-hand or right-hand operation.

Finally, the reel can take on up to 15 pounds of drag assist, which will come in handy if you go after the big ones. All these features will help turn average anglers into pros.

  • Unique Floating Guide System

Another reason beginner and experienced bass anglers like this product is that it uses a floating guide system.

In other brands, all the fishing line guides are fixed to the rod. But with the Kingswell telescopic rod, two of the guides are floating.

This slight variation in the design helps reduce friction and dissipates the heat from the line. At the same time, it helps protect the line from getting damaged.


  • Compact and portable
  • Highly durable but flexible
  • Unique design reduces fishing line friction
  • Strong enough for big fish


  • A bit expensive

2. Sougayilang OnlyBrave Telescopic Fishing Rod

Sougayilang manufactures a wide variety of lures, reels, lines, and other fishing tools.

This telescopic spinning rod is from the brand’s selection of fishing rods and is one of its more popular products.

It is designed to provide a better bass fishing experience, but you can also use it to catch either fresh or saltwater fish.


The OnlyBrave telescopic fishing rod will make a great addition to your bass fishing arsenal. Here’s why:

  • Excellent Blank Quality

Unlike a one-piece rod, the OnlyBrave telescopic rod consists of a combination of blanks and a tube handle.

They are made from high-density 24-ton carbon fiber infused with the optimum amount of E-glass composite.

With blank quality this good, you can rest assured that the OnlyBrave is a reliable rod for bass fishing.

Its composite construction makes it more durable than your typical telescopic rod and is designed for faster action.

  • Lightweight and Balanced Carbon Fiber Rod

This product from Sougayilang is a tough telescopic rod, but you might be surprised at how lightweight it is.

The smallest model is 1.8 meters long and weighs only six ounces. That is the combined weight of six wooden pencils or three tennis balls.

It comes with a handle wrapped in EVA foam, which is both comfortable and durable.

Finally, you will find that the balanced carbon fiber blanks are very easy to manipulate, even for beginner anglers.

All these qualities come together to minimize fatigue even if you hold the Sougayilang OnlyBrave for hours.

  • Custom Reel Seat

Another reason to add the OnlyBrave to your bass fishing arsenal is that it has a very sturdy reel seat.

It boasts a CNC-machined aluminum construction that is highly resistant to corrosion. With this, you can expect the reel seat to serve you well for many years.

The rod is compatible with all Sougayilang reels, but a spinning reel might be the best match.

  •  Exquisite Stainless Steel Guides

The OnlyBrave telescopic rod comes with stainless steel guides fitted with ceramic inserts.

This combination of materials helps reduce the possibility of tangles on your fishing lines.

Plus, they are highly resistant to corrosion, which is an important quality for rod guides.

It ensures that rust won’t form over time, damaging the line and compromising your casting distance.


  • Easy to store and transport
  • Strong enough for larger fish
  • Good for long-distance casting
  • Has an excellent blank quality


  • Not as flexible as other top brands

3. Entsport Camo Legend Baitcasting Rod

Entsport provides a wide range of fishing products at an extensive price range.

It divides its offerings into three categories: E is for affordable items, N is for mid-tier tools, and T is for premium.

The Camo Legend is an E-series casting rod. It is a general-purpose bass rod with medium-heavy and medium power.


The Camo Legend is a favorite among beginner and experienced anglers who like bass fishing. Although with all the features it has to offer, this does not come as a big surprise.

  • Comes With Two Rods

One of the biggest draws of the Camo Legend casting rod is that it includes two rod tips.

You get a medium-power rod with the first tip, while the second gives medium-heavy power.

It is not an ideal choice if you are looking for a dedicated bass rod, which tends to be on the heavy end.

That said, it is an excellent pick if you are in the market for a reliable general-purpose bass rod.

Its medium-heavy power combined with fast action can give you a very productive day of fishing for bass.

Also, you can use it to catch other types of fish, especially if you switch to the medium-power rod.

  • Excellent Blank Quality

Another compelling reason to add the Camo Legend to your bass fishing arsenal is that it has a very impressive overall strength.

The rod is made from structurally enhanced carbon fiber material, which maximizes its strength without sacrificing its sensitivity.

This means you would still be able to feel the vibration right away once your line gets a bite, allowing you to react more quickly.

This feature will help increase your chances of successfully reeling in the fish.

  • Ergonomic Handle

The Camo Legend features an ergonomic handle that is covered by EVA foam.

This material serves many purposes, starting with maximizing your comfort and minimizing fatigue. It will allow you to fish for hours and still be effective.

Another benefit that the EVA foam provides is that it protects the rod. This material can withstand repeated impacts and stand up to harsh conditions.

Finally, EVA does a very good job of transmitting vibration, which means you will be able to feel it if your line moves.

It complements the highly sensitive rod blank in helping you make the right decisions on the water more quickly.


  • A solid choice for general-purpose bass rod
  • Highly durable
  • Offers great value for money
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Excellent sensitivity


  • Not a durable choice for a dedicated bass rod

4. KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rod

Established in 2013, KastKing is one of the more trusted names today in recreational fishing. It is known for its innovative products that make sustainable fishing possible.

The Royale Select is a mid-tier offering from the relatively young company.

If you are looking for a high-quality rod that won’t put a great deal of strain on your budget, this model is for you.


The Royale Select is a bit more expensive than some brands. That said, if you consider its quality and performance, you will know you are getting it at a bargain price.

  • Superior Strength and Sensitivity

One of the many things that make this product stand out is its high-quality rod.

It is made from a 24-ton carbon matrix, which is what you will see in most of the top brands today.

However, KastKing uses its unique KastFlex technology to build the blanks.

This method allows the rod to transmit more power without sacrificing its sensitivity.

Thanks to this, you can count on a much better performance every time you head out to the water.

  • Two Rod Options

Whether you want a one-piece or a two-piece rod, KingKast has you covered.

The Royale Select is available in both versions, so you can just take your pick, depending on your preference.

The one-piece rod is an excellent option for bass fishing, and it can help you become more successful in whatever technique you use.

That said, the two-piece rod is still up to the task if you want to take it bass fishing. It has amazing spigot joints that transmit rod power effectively from handle to tip.

  • High-quality Guides

If you are after superior casting distance, you should seriously consider getting the Royale Select.

It is built with Fuji rod guides that dissipate heat and friction more effectively, allowing your fishing line to go farther.

This way, you can explore more fishing spots and present your lure to more fish.

Aside from this, the guides are highly durable and work well with any type of line. So, whether you use mono or braid, you can count on it to conserve your casting energy.

  • High-strength Reel Seat

The Royale Select is fitted with a high-quality reel seat with a nylon base.

Basically, it provides a great foundation for either a spinning or casting reel. This is true whether you get the one-piece or two-piece design.


  • Has superior strength and sensitivity
  • Available in one-piece or two-piece design
  • Comes with premium fishing line guides
  • Has a high-quality reel seat


  • A bit expensive

5. KastKing Crixus Spinning and Casting Rod

KastKing makes another appearance on this list with the Crixus Spinning and Casting Rod.

If the Royale Select is a bit too expensive for your taste, this model might hit the sweet spot in terms of price point.

It’s a great option if you’re looking for a rugged fishing rod to reel in big bass, trout, walleye, catfish, or other types of fish.


The Crixus is an entry-level fishing rod, at least compared to KastKing’s vast majority of general-purpose bass rods.

That said, you wouldn’t know this from the way it performs when taken out on the water.

  • Incredible Performance for Its Bargain Price

The first thing you would likely notice about this fishing rod is how much power it can deliver, especially if you get the longer versions.

What makes it so powerful is its IM6 graphite construction. It is made from a durable material that can keep up with you as you fight a larger fish.

At the same time, this graphite rod is sensitive enough to let you feel the vibrations, allowing you to make quick decisions once the fish bites.

  • Ergonomic Handle

While the Crixus fishing rod is tough on the fish, you will be surprised at how gentle it is on your hand.

That’s because of the unique super polymer handle, similar to what they use on golf clubs.

It is comfortable to hold, even if you fish for hours on end. What’s more, it gives you total casting control under any fishing condition, thanks to the slip-resistant grip.

This amazing attention to detail is hard to come by in other fishing rods at the same price point.

  •   More Than Adequate Guides

The KastKing Crixus might sound like a brute of a fishing rod, but it is quite a sophisticated piece of equipment.

It features premium stainless steel line guide frames fitted with zirconium oxide rings.

These rod guides help you make long and smooth casts whether you use fluorocarbon, monofilament, or braided lines.


  • Delivers light to heavy power ratings
  • Has a highly durable construction
  • Easy to handle and control
  • Allows long and smooth casts


  • Not as smooth as its more expensive counterparts

Which Bass Fishing Rod Should You Choose?

If you are looking for the best bass fishing rods, we highly recommend you get the Kingswell Telescopic Rod and Reel Combo.

It is highly portable but tough enough for a fight with a larger fish. Plus, it takes away the guesswork in matching the right reel to the rod.

Overall, this rod and reel combo gives you the most value for your money.

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