Troutfest is a vast collection of fly tyers who demonstrate in 4 hour shifts, 8 to 10 at a time all weekend. Some are world famous. Some are well known in the Southeast. You will find tyers who tie traditional trout flies, tiny midges, bass bugs, redfish flies, striper flies, nymphs, streamers, the list goes on. And this is an opportunity for you that is worth the travel time to get here not counting all the other activities and free seminars given at Troutfest.

You may sit, watch and ask questions. There is no charge, the fly tying show like almost everything at this Exposition is free.

At Troutfest 2011, more than 27 fly tyers demonstrated their talents. We will have at least that many this year. You will leave Troutfest with more knowledge about this sport than you can get anywhere else in two days.

There will be more going on than just watching these excellent fly tyers. They can tell you how to fish the patterns. A lot of them are guides, professionals who will show you what works for them on their home waters and maybe on yours.

So if you are looking for one really compelling reason to attend Troutfest, the fly tyers are it. And it's free.

The fly tying schedule for 2012 will be published soon. Please check back later. Thank you.

Mike Adams 
Mike Adams began tying flies in 1992 and enjoys this part of the sport that can be done at home and enjoyed later on the stream. A native of East Tennessee, he specializes in tying traditional Southern Appalachian patterns and a commitment to passing the knowledge forward. He has been a commercial fly tier now for years. He ties and uses his own patterns on all of his guide trips.
Walter Babb
Walter Babb grew up in East Tennessee and has been fly fishing in the mountains since he was a child. He has taught fly tying and beginner fly fishing classes at Little River Outfitters in Townsend for years. He specializes in tying mountain patterns and readily shares his experience and knowledge about fishing these rivers with the patterns that he has perfected.  Since retiring, Walter has also become a professional bamboo rod maker.
Troy Basso
Troy Basso is a professional tyer for Idylwilde Fly Company, a Middle Tennessee Fly Fishing guide, and a nationally published outdoor writer. If you have ever picked up a copy of Eastern Fly Fishing you have probably read something he has penned. Being a Michigan native his tying skills are a smooth mixture of northern and southern tying styles. Even though he grew up in trout country his passion for smallmouth and other warm water species has been his specialty for years.
Bill Boyd Jr

Bill Boyd, Jr., a.k.a. “Nick,” is a member of the Dubbing Teasers Fly Tying Team.  He writes product review articles for Fly Fish America Magazine and is an active Member of Trout Unlimited Appalachian Chapter.  He is also a member of the FFF.  He ties a variety of nymphs, streamers, and dry fly patterns for trout as well as assorted warm water species.  He is well known for creating a realistic spider pattern. His signature fly, the Tennessee Stonefly Nymph, has been showcased in Fly Tyer and Fly Fish America Magazines.  He flies is particularly popular with spectators at his demonstrations, as some have remarked, “There is never a dull moment watching ‘Nick’ demonstrate his skills.” 

Bill Boyd Sr
Bill Boyd, Sr., a.k.a. “Knack,” is the elder member of the Dubbing Teasers Fly Tying Team.  He is an active Member of Trout Unlimited Appalachian Chapter.  His signature fly, the “Hiwassee Streamer” has been showcased in Fly Fish America Magazine.  He is also known for tying the “Toilet Tank Floater, Knack’s Mudbug” (Crawfish Pattern) and Striking Dragonfly Patterns.  He is interested in combining natural and synthetic materials to produce strike- triggering elements in his flies.  In addition, Bill’s mechanical inventions are often conversation pieces especially his must see “Natural Light Simulator.”
Buzz Buffington
Buzz Buffington grew up in southern Idaho where he started fly fishing and fly tying more than 50 years ago.  A PhD wildlife biologist by training, he retired from TVA in 1994 and has been fishing 3-4 days a week ever since. He is an active member of the Clinch River TU Chapter for which he coordinates river cleanups and beginning fly tying classes. He recently wrote an Introduction to Fly Tying book for the chapter's tying classes. He volunteers with Casting for Recovery, the Solid Waste Advisory Board of Anderson Co. TN, and other non-profit organizations.  He enjoys teaching people to fly fish and tie flies, especially young people.
Dean Campbell
Dean Campbell grew up in North Carolina fishing in the Smokies. He enjoys catching saltwater fish and landlocked stripers. His specialty is making foam poppers and flies for large gamefish using his own techniques that he developed. Dean is also an excellent fly tying instructor and has taught as well as demonstrated his skills in the Southeast United States. He was awarded Fly Tyer of the Year by the Southeast Council of the Fly Fishing Federation.
Jack Gregory
Jack Gregory grew up in the shadows of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Walland, TN. He has fished the Smokies and tied the mountain patterns most of his life. His fly tying skills are almost as legendary as his knowledge of and ability to fish the mountain streams and rivers. He has also fished extensively in Yellowstone and loves saltwater fly fishing. Jack has served on the Executive Committee of Troutfest since its beginning.
Hugh Hartsell

Hugh Hartsell was born and raised in Cocke County, TN. He has been fly fishing and fly tying for over 50 years. He and his wife, Carolyn, own the Smoky Mountain Guide Service, They have been licensed guides in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park for almost 15 years. Though he has fished the waters of Canada and western U.S., he considers the streams of the Smokies and the Holston River his home waters. He specializes in tying Smoky Mountain and tailwater flies and has developed some of the most sought after flies in the Southeast.

Anthony Hipps
Anthony Hipps is the 2010-2012 Federation of Fly Fishers Southeastern Council (FFF-SEC) President. He has served on the FFF- SEC Board of Directors and tied flies at the FFF-SEC conclaves since 1999. He is a professional speaker, tier and tying instructor and has taught numerous tying classes.  Hipps has been nationally recognized for his spun deer-hair bass flies, smallmouth bass nymphs, saltwater streamers and especially his unique soft-bodied foam poppers. His fly tying sessions will feature bass flies such as the soft-bodied popper, hellcraw nymph and jig-fly streamers and nymphs.
Tyler Legg
Tyler Legg grew up fishing the trout streams of western NC. Shortly after discovering fly fishing, he was introduced to fly tying. He taught himself to tie flies that later would become decoration on numerous rhododendron across the rivers of the southeast. Tyler specializes in tying semi-realistic patterns, along with his popular Extended Body Inchworm and Vinyl Rib Stone. To keep himself sane when not on the river, Tyler blogs about fly fishing in NC on his NC based blog, Tar Heel Fly Fishing.
Rex Wilson
Rex Wilson is from Candler, NC and has fished in the mountains of western North Carolina for more than 40 years. He specializes in tying Smoky Mountain patterns and teaches fly tying and fly fishing at the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education. He also involved with Casting for Recovery. Rex is a member of FFF and is regularly featured tying flies at their Southeastern conclaves.
Steve Yates

Steve Yates is an avid fly fisherman and outdoorsman. A North Carolina native, Steve specializes in tying flies for catching trout in the Southern Appalachians as well as Catskill patterns that match our most common Southern Appalachian hatches. He is well versed in the rich history of the Southern Appalachian region and honors the tradition of embellishing a good story to make it better. His articles have appeared in several national magazines and regional newsletters. He regularly demonstrates fly tying at local events such as Troutfest, WNC Expo, NC Wildlife Commission, Easter Seals, Wounded Warriors, TU, FFF, and Casting for Recovery.

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